Future Stars of Tech 2020 Winners

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Future Star: AI and Machine Learning

A woman who has demonstrated strong results in AI and machine learning. This can include promoting ethical AI.

Caryn Tan – Accenture

”Caryn Tan has proven pivotal in transforming responsible AI from a conceptual project to a concrete business division incorporating a range of technical assets. She is a responsible and ethical AI thought leader and has brought people across the globe together to push AI forward. Her growth mindset and ability to rally a community are commendable and she has only just started!”


Chandini Jain – Auquan

Chelsea Chen – Emotech Ltd

Daphne Coates – IBM

Emily Foges – Luminance

Emily Ireland-Jones – IBM

Larissa Suzuki – Oracle Corporation / UCL

Love Oyeniran – LRO Consults

Future Star: CTO

A woman who has demonstrated particular innovation in the last 18 months, and demonstrates signs that she will one day become a successful CTO.

Eleonora Balaoura – IBM

”Eleonora is a CTO in the making. She has hands-on experience being the main liaison for large-scale IT Transformation Projects, has successfully delivered a cognitive chatbot that can handle 20k+ inquiries per month and is an emerging technologies evangelist. In addition to this Eleonora is an advocate for women in tech and provides scholarships for promising students in Greece to pursue STEM degrees.”


Arteesha Bosamia – Dentsu Aegis Network

Ioana Nistoreanu – JPMorgan

Rhiannon Lawson – GDS

Future Star: Developer

A woman who has been part of a successful development project that has been rolled out within an organisation.

Syrine Boujnah – JPMorgan

”Syrine has demonstrated a high level of skill when it comes to technical analysis, design software development amongst others. Her submission showed that she operates with a high degree of autonomy, applies critical thinking when it comes to problems and is solution focussed. She is also co-leader of the firm’s Women On The Move mentorship Programme as well as being involved in the Force for Good Programme. Syrine shows huge potential and will surely be one of the leaders in the tech industry.”


Alice Stamp – Arup

Anouska Hopkins – Apolitical

Jay Hoang – Revolent Group

Kajsa Eriksson Rosenqvist – OQC

Katy Hughes – C5 Alliance 

Nicola Richards – Fujitsu

Rajinder Kaur – Directline Group (Greenflag)

Future Star: Diversity Advocate

A woman who is helping improve the level of diversity in their organisation, or in the wider tech industry.

Olivia Hake – DXC

”In her short time at DXC Technology, Olivia has already had taken leadership, not only in her ‘regular’ but also in her work with the companies Pride employee resource group. She has helped the wider team and her colleagues the real history and meaning of Pride and that it is not just for the LGBTQ community, but that allies are just as important and what contribution they can make to make society more inclusive. Her submission shows that bringing about change is about small but firm steps.”


Ally Andrews – Broadplace Advertising

Ayshea Robertson – Zen Internet

Gabriella Isijola-Ajao – BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Isla Featherstone-Clark – Amazon Web Services

Regina Oladipo – PwC

Sophie Theen – Oakam

Tarneet Kaur Dhesi – Deloitte

Future Star: Public Sector

A woman who has shown outstanding ability in driving tech initiatives in public sector organisations; across the spectrum.

Rhiannon Lawson – GDS

”In just under 4 years Rhiannon has gone from a policy advisor, who was new to the tech industry, to leading a team, presenting tech guidance and strategy around the world to governments and industry leaders. She also mentors students to guide them on entering the tech industry. Rhiannon is a dedicated advocate for tech and diversity in tech and uses every tool available to her to push the needle on both.”


Nicola McCabe – KPMG

Pilar Odriozola – KPMG

Yvonne Teng – Accenture

Future Star: Tech for Good

A woman who is applying tech successfully to a social cause and can back this up with examples from the last 18 months.

Mansata Kurang – VR Revival

”Much is said on the positive and negative impacs of the technological advancements in recent human history. It is withou doubt that Mansata works hard to fill gaps through technology for people in need. As founder of VR REVIVAL she helps people with mental illnesses or dementia through immersive technologies. At the moment she is working to develop solutions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. She is a Force for Good and therefore our winner of the Tech for Good Award.”


Benedetta Tagliaferri – The Information Lab

Connie O’Donnell – Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Emma Ridgway – ThoughtWorks

Fran Longstaff – Fika

Lahini Sivaganeshan – Oracle

Louise Tierney – SAM

Pip Richardson – The Circle Line

Future Star: Tech Evangelist

An individual who has communicated the value of technology, beyond the jargon, to make the concepts and benefits available to a wider audience.

Chanelle Pereira – Credit Suisse

”Chanelle is a perfect role model of a future Tech Evangelist. She entered the industry with no background in tech, worked relentlessly on building her skills and she champions the use of technology wherever possible, to reduce inefficiencies and push innovation and necessary change. She is a star in the making with a stellar career ahead of her.”


Caitlin Breeze – Onfido


Connie O’Donnell – Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Eleonora Balaoura – IBM

Iona White – The DMW Group

Ivone Sima – Amazon-WholeFoods

Jazzmin Berry – CampaignHero

Nicole Fu – Nav.Marketing

Future Star: Automation (includes NLP, RPA and OCR)

A woman who has demonstrated strong results in Automation.

Lucy Llewellyn – Sky Betting and Gaming

”Lucy is willing to get out of her comfort zone and building her confidence. With no previous code writing skills, she has devoted to learning different programming languages and succeeded through her tenacity. As part of the Testing Team, she tracks automation failures & releases and performs gap analysis and is someone her entire team relies on more and more. Her development so far is impressive and she has a stellar career ahead of her.”


Hina Raniga – KPMG

Lauren Pak – Accenture

Naga Sravya Sakam – UST Global

Nishtha Jain – GlaxoSmith Kline

Future Star: Cyber Security Leader

A woman who works on protecting their company from cyber threats and/or promotes best practise for cyber security in the wider industry.

Laura Blackwell – Simply Business

”In her short time there, Laura has delivered a vast amount of value to her team at Simply Business. She has built a team of now six people and who all deliver excellent work, under Laura’s leadership. In addition, she is a mentor within her company and a STEM ambassador to encourage young people to choose STEM careers. She is a true leader her team looks up to and is a Future Star in Cyber Security.”


Arteesha Bosamia – Dentsu Aegis Network

Catherine Lagarde – Cloudreach

Emily May Jowett – Darktrace

Katie Bagley – JPMorgan

Maureen Kendal – Cybercare

Zoe Mackenzie – ITV

Future Star: Data Leader

A female IT, technology or business professional who has demonstrated strong results in the area of data technology in the last 18 months.

Haengeun Chi – KPMG

”Heangeun’s submission showed that her attitude and commitment to her work is vast. Her willingness to take on new responsibilities and push for use of technology is commendable and a trait every leader should have. Her work in facilitating and designing the end-to-end development of a SQL master database has vastly made the life of their client easier and has had a tangible impact.”


Annika Geiger – Oracle Data Cloud

Jaya Vamadevan – St James’s Place Wealth Management plc

Jenny Law – JPMorgan

Nicola McCabe – KPMG

Omar Khan – NTTDATA

Sanaya Khambatta – IBM

Future Star: Data Scientist

A woman who has shown strong results in data science and/or promotes best practise in data science in the wider industry.

Elena Pedrini – Moneyfarm

”Elena is is a data advocate. She truly believes that by analysing data we can find patterns and solutions to many of the problems we face, regardless of industry and country. She feels passionate about it which is the reason she is always pushing for best practice, so as not to dilute the importance of what she does as a data scientist.”


Bianca Ferri – Sparkbeyond

Olimpia Onelli – EY (Ersnt & Young)

Raphaelle Roffo – Arup

Future Star: Digital Leader

A woman who has contributed to a successful digital transformation initiative; either internally, or for a client.

Megan Lovett – Hiring Hub

”In the past 15 months, Megan has had an incredible impact on Hiring Hub. Being the first Product Manager at the company she has built from scratch the company approach to product development and working framework. She has also been invaluable in being a bridge between the tech and operations team. In her time there, she has had a palpable impact on how the company assesses their projects and she is responsible for efficiency gains through implementing new technology and processes.”


Adriana Katrandzhieva – ThoughtWorks

Camilla Sacchetto – Gibbs Hybrid

Fateha Majid – Biye Biye Ltd

Isabella Carra – Publicis Sapient

Jennifer Paybody – Clifford Chance Applied Solutions

Lokwing Yeung – Deliveroo

Paige Cook – BT

Future Star: IT Manager

This award will recognise an IT manager within her first five years of employment who has helped shine IT’s light across an organisation and as a result, contributed to company-wide digital initiatives.

Rituja Rao – Sparta Global

”Rituja stands out as a determining force in the industry and shows the signs of a great IT Manager. She takes initiative, shows leadership and is engaged in industry-wide activities to make technology accessible as a career. She has successfully delivered projects in her role and as a result, is an SME for Azure DevOps and lean Waterfall. She is a force to be reckoned with!”


Francesca Boarolo – The DMW Group

Nadia Caunhye – KPMG

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